Status of the domestic valve manufacturers and products

Large sets of valves are an important part of the device, mainly used for process piping media (materials, water, steam, air and oil, etc.) cut-off, throttling, voltage regulator and change the flow and so on. Valve directly affect the quality of the normal production of these devices, safe operation and environmental pollution, and plays a vital role. Valve specifications and more, there are gate valve, globe valve, check valve, ball valve, safety valve, reducing valve, steam traps, butterfly valves and special purpose, wide use of large amount. According to incomplete statistics, and a rough estimate, a large complete sets of equipment, the valves of the total investment in equipment investment in about 3% to 5%. (L) valve manufacturers and production management

valve above the county level about 180 enterprises, of which 19 key enterprises, a certain scale of individual towns and more than 2,000 enterprises, small individual manufacturers is difficult to calculate, township enterprises and individual manufacturers are located in Jiangsu and Zhejiang and the Central Plains area. In the valve industry, the state-owned enterprises, especially the level of the backbone enterprises in the valve manufacturing and technology is still on a large advantage. Which some manufacturers use a resin sand line shape, the main valve parts in CNC machine tools, automatic lines or a combination of machine tool, such as from the sealing surface in spray technology, valve design and application of CAD technology, three-dimensional solid modeling and so on. Advanced valve technology for the production levels and product quality improvement, science and technology irresistible. However, most valve manufacturers foundry melting equipment is old, hand-shape-based, machining and more for the general machine and pole cutting, testing equipment, inadequate or non-compliant. In recent years some small valve from the manufacturers to strengthen the management staff, laying the foundation, caught on equipment and technical innovation, production technology standards to improve product grade, focus on product quality, focus on the market, considerable economic benefits, have to contend with large and backbone enterprises trend, its strength and prospects for development can not be underestimated. (2) product level

through implementation of national standards, technology transfer, strengthen the testing and detection methods, old products and processes transform and improve the design level, the level of our valve products in the past 20 years have greatly improved, a significant increase in species size, especially in the hard seal butterfly valve, Ball Valve and gate valves and other types of flat panel products and the rapid increase (of 14 categories of nearly 2,000 existing valve series, more than 12,000 specifications). Including towers, the valve is basically common to the foreign level of 80, these valves in the product structure and materials, etc. In recent years, foreign production of valves and similar to the standards required by foreign production, but only in Product quality is also not stable enough, there is a certain gap with developed countries. However, in some special valves (such as automatic control valve, Ball Valve, the minimum flow valve, ash and slag valve, main steam isolation valve and safety valve stabilizer, etc.), high valve parameters (such as temperature higher than 700 ℃, lm diameter than the ball), the valve material (anti-hydrogen sulfide material, urea, steel and carbon fiber composite materials) and valve gear and other large gap with foreign countries, the shortage of variety, through introduction of technology (including the introduction of the valve device reuse design) and technical research gradually be resolved. Supporting the domestic capacity of the valve can basically meet the 30 million t / a ethylene, 300,000 t / a synthetic ammonia, 520,000 t / a urea, 60,000 t / a high-pressure polyethylene, 80,000 t / a polypropylene, 60,000 t / a ethylene glycol, 80,000 t / a vinyl chloride, 5 million t / a acrylonitrile, 30,000 t / a acetaldehyde, 4.5 million t / a butadiene, 2.5 million t / a refinery, 30000 m3 / h air separation, 30MW power plant, 30MW nuclear power plants and long-distance pipelines and other devices. The size of large complete sets of equipment abroad is increasing, corresponding to promote the level of the valve supporting domestic have such a trend, but the supporting capacity and a larger gap between the developed countries, mainly in the special valve high parameters valves, control systems and drives and so on.

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