New Valve password lock developed

In cities around the world supporting the pipe network, heat, water, gas, liquid transportation tankers, oil and chemical companies use huge number of valves, but the Pirates off the valve open and the phenomenon of theft often happens, a concern of all governments big security risk. To this end, China’s double-Yu Trade Co., Ltd. Yantai researchers developed a special machine password lock valve, the valve can be stolen to open and solve the problem of piracy off, the technology has been the invention of the State Intellectual Property Office granted patents. This valve has a password lock anti-drilling, anti-saw, anti-pull, anti-open functions, each lock can be set different password, when set in the open or close the valve when the valve hand wheel is in idle state . Need to change the valve setting according to the state, subject to adjustment code, so that the valve hand wheel connected with the valve rod, valve rod to achieve the rotation. Jacket to protect the valve rod set, other special tools can not turn the valve lever.

发布时间: 2015-10-28 新闻分类: company news